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How to Stop Fighting &

Start Loving Again

Break free from repeated, unresolved conflict cycles and reconnect

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Having challenges in your relationship? You likely have a good case of the “normals”. I want to give you an excellent resource to help you experience more peace, understanding and love in your relationship.

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Hi! I'm

Ed Riddick

I am a counselor in private practice.  My expertise includes communication, conflict resolution, and anger management.

I delight in helping couples break free from the death spiral of serial arguing and reconnect again

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Self Study Courses

Start with a free ‘starter kit’, 3 Tips To Step Back from Breakup.

Then progress to basic and advanced signature courses. 

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Why go it alone? Leverage the strength of sharing and learning  with couples on the same path. Click below to learn if this is the best option for you and your spouse or partner. 

Private Counseling

Nothing is more effective than face to face counseling.  I will work with you and your partner to get to the root of your problems and help you implement your personal relationship saving strategy plan.

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Free Gift!

Our ‘Fight Style’ And How to Fix It

Start breaking free from your repeated, unresolved conflict cycles by understanding your ‘fight style’ and how to fix it.

Popular Courses

How To Stop Fighting and Start Loving Again Course Series

How To Stop Fighting Starter Kit

3 Steps to Break Your Conflict Cycle

How to Talk About the Issues That Really Matter Without Fighting

Three of the Most Common Communication Errors That Couples Make 

How to Re-Ignite Passion in Your Love Life

Simple Ways to Re-Start the 
Honey Habit in Your Life

A Relationship "Game-Changer"

We are so often like “ships passing in the night” in our conversations. One person and then the other says something. One person and then the other seems to be listening…

Workshops & Conferences

Ed is speaks at conferences and conducts marriage workshops for couples entitled, How to Stop Fighting and Start Loving Again.  His unique blend of caring, depth of knowledge, training and experience combined with his hopefulness, and willingness to go the extra mile has resulted in a loyal following.

Is Defensiveness Killing Communication In Your Relationship?

Conversations get tangled up. Emotions flare. And the conflict cycle spins ever increasingly out of control…

About Ed

My Back Story

Hi, I’m Ed Riddick. I am a counselor in private practice. My expertise includes communication, conflict resolution, and anger management.

I have been coaching couples for over 30 years. I hold a Masters in Counseling from Trinity International University and a Masters in Dispute Resolution from Marquette University. My focus is communication and conflict coaching for couples and corporations…

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