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Coping Tips For Work-At-Home Parents

When you’re a parent working remotely, and you have babies or toddlers at home, you have double challenges in your daily life. Even though you love both your job and your kids, having some coping strategies in place can help ensure smooth sailing on both fronts. The Conflict Coach understands the need to find this balance, and offers the following insight below to guide you toward new strategies.

Create And Stick To Schedules

Time management is a working parent’s best tool. Set regular schedules for both yourself and your kids to ensure your work is getting done on time and your kids still have access to you as needed. The way you structure your days will depend on what other help you may have in your home, as well as on the ages and needs of your children and the type of job responsibilities you have. According to CNBC, employers recognize that many parents who are working remotely have these challenges and will often be flexible with regard to scheduling needs. Keep the lines of communication open at work to avoid misunderstandings.

Enlist Outside Help

Employ the assistance of other household members in helping you juggle childcare with work. This could be an older child, roommate, spouse, or parent. If this isn’t an option, consider a strategic investment and hire outside assistance. According to Care Guide, a teenage mother’s helper might be great for entertaining kids in the afternoon, whereas a nanny-share with another family might be a better option if you regularly find yourself on phone calls and in Zoom meetings. Even hiring help in the form of a meal delivery service or housekeeping can help reduce the demands on your time and make you more relaxed.

Don’t Let Stress Get To You

While much easier said than done, allowing stress or anxiety to overtake you only results in frustration and angst. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, either with your kids, your work, or both, give yourself a time-out so that you can regroup, reset, recharge, and come back ready to tackle challenges. This might include a meditation and yoga break while the kids are napping, a calming mantra you can recite as needed, and reminding yourself that we live in unusual times and that you are doing your absolute best amid trying circumstances.

Balance Work And Home

When you’re the parent of babies or toddlers, you’re continually focused on hands-on care, feeding, and personal engagement. This may mean work is done when your young ones are asleep, playing, or otherwise engaged with another responsible party.  

Utilize tools like baby monitors and web cams to give yourself peace of mind, and set up space in your work area where your kids can see and hear you while you’re working on nonessential tasks. Make sure you also strike a great balance in what you wear. Find classy, comfortable separates that can do double-time so you can easily move from nursing to a Zoom call. Make sure you also prepare meals for yourself and the rest of the family in advance so you don’t have to worry about cooking at the end of a long day. And when work is done, leave the work area and tune into yourself and your family.

Advance Your Education

Working from home can open up opportunities for professional development, including pursuing an online degree. Online programs are often flexible and allow you to study from any location on your own timetable. A degree in business, marketing, or business leadership can all position you for advancements in your existing company or an entirely new career path. You may also pave the way to a leadership role, a higher income, and financial security for your growing family.

Remote working parents of babies and toddlers must juggle multiple competing priorities on a regular basis. By creating schedules that work for the whole family and conveying your needs to your employer, you can create a healthy work-life environment in which everyone’s needs are met. 

This article is brought to you by The Conflict Coach, the work of Ed Riddick. I am a counselor in private practice. My expertise includes communication, conflict resolution, and anger management. For more information, please contact me today!

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