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Couples group coaching leverages the power of sharing and learning from other couples on the same path. Start the process to love again!



Couples Group Coaching​

Heal, Learn & Repair Together

Everyone needs a coach. From little league to the Major Leagues, from cooking to fishing to quilting, we never outgrow our need for coaching. 

“Coaches make meaningful deposits in our growth bank. Coaches help get us through tough times. They help us in areas we are not good at. They help keep us focused, on track, mentally aligned, and accountable” (Dave White). Listen to your coaches!

That’s what I do as a “conflict coach”. I specialize in communication, conflict resolution and anger management. 


I help people stop fighting & start loving again!

The content in these courses is a result of over 10 years of research listening to the brightest, most experienced relationship coaches in the world. You may watch the training videos, go through the slide deck notebook and do the action items on your own by yourself or as a couple. Enlisting my help as a coach is optional.

But the most effective way to learn how to stop fighting and starting loving again is to enroll in these courses using my help as a coach. I am a counselor in private practice. I meet with client couples week in and week out.  The coaching element of these courses is an alternative to couples counseling. In fact, the content is the same I personally walk couples through every week. Enrolling in coaching with these courses will give you the benefit of having a personal counselor each step of the way.

Is Couples Group Coaching Right For You?

Although I’m passionate about wanting to help you and your spouse to love again, I want us both to feel comfortable and confident that we can all get you the results you need.  In order to find out if my Couples Group Coaching is the best option fo r you, I am offering a free Conflict Resolution Call.

On this call we will address the major issues destroying your relationship and outline the right strategy plan to save your relationship.

Schedule your call below now!

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Couples Group Coaching includes:

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