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Hi, I’m Ed ‘The Conflict Coach’

I help couples escape their crazy conflict cycles, create safe places where they can honestly say what they think and feel without arguing, and renew the passion they once felt.

Start breaking free from your repeated, unresolved conflict cycles
starting with assessing the ‘shape’ of your conflict. 

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To Help Couples Honestly Say What They Think and Feel Without Fighting

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Online Counseling

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Hi, my name is Ed Riddick.  I am a counselor in private practice.  My expertise includes communication, conflict resolution, and anger management. 

I have been coaching couples for over 30 years.  I hold a Masters in Counseling from Trinity International University.  My focus is communication and conflict coaching for couples and corporations.  I owe a ton to the dedicated profs who poured their expertise into me.  80 percent or more of the couples who come for counseling need help resolving conflict.  Needing more training in conflict resolution, I entered the School of Professional Training at Marquette University.  I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution (mediation). 

It wasn’t long into my counseling practice that I realized I also needed specific training in anger management.  Who would have thought that anger was part of relational conflict (ha – just kidding).  I am a Certified Anger Management Specialist – II (CAMS-2).   I assist self-mandated, corporate and court mandated clients in anger management.

I’ve assisted scores of couples by helping them break free from the death spiral of their serial arguing and conflicts.  As they learn to escape their crazy conflict cycles, they move on to learn how to talk together about the issues that matter without fighting.  Underlying the trauma and pain of unresolved conflict is the longing for a happy love relationship.  So, from the beginning I give my clients strategies that help them renew a positive outlook and hopefulness in their relationship. 

The joys of intimate friendship are awesome.  Couples say, “I just want our relationship to be like it used to be.  The days of infatuated, intoxicating, intrusive thinking that comes with the aching heart of love discovered and ignited slowly fade. Love relationships enter a new stage of love when relational closeness takes work.   Couples encounter areas of differences which brings conflict.  They experience stress, anxiety, confusion and the pain of conflict that goes around and round in patterns that seemingly go nowhere.  They feel trapped. They get tired of the strain of repeating conflict patterns.  Couples come to a place where they simply want relief from this loop de loop.

I am a tour guide who is passionate about helping people move through conflict toward more satisfying relationships.  I am delighted to share what I know.  I take no credit for much of the content I will share except that I’ve brought these resources together in a uniquely helpful way.

I am married to Lois.  We have 3 biological adult children and two informally adopted daughter.  We have 14 grandchildren.

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